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Students Figure Out How To Make Finances Work

Brielle Braxton-Young, The WhetstoneMany students say when they are freshman they are stuck between getting involved in extra-curricular activities, joining organizations, or getting a job to earn money.Senior Sha’vonne Johnson...

What Students Do During the Weekend

By Kierra Whitaker, The Whetstone            When some students think of college they think of parties and lots of drinking on the weekends. But that’s not what a lot of students experience. Junior Doris Tremble typically spends...

Spring Semester is All Planned for Some Organizations

By Brielle Braxton-Young, The Whetstone Student organizations are making the spring semester at Wesley College one to remember, with events ranging from a block party to a trip to New York City and a never before seen fashion...

The Co-editors of The Whetstone earned first place in the Delaware Press Association Communications Contest for their November, 2016 stories: "TITLE IX: STUDENTS CONCERNED PRESIDENTS HISTORY WILL REPEAT ITSELF," by Griffith and Wilson and  "RAPE VICTIMS SHOULD'NT SUFFER MORE THAN RAPIST," by Wilson. The stories also won the National Federation of Press Women national awards.