By Robert Ramnauth (Editor-in-Chief)

Robert Ramnauth, Media Arts student

Robert Ramnauth, Media Arts student

With my graduation right around the corner, I’ve started to think back about the four years I’ve spent in college so far.

My first two years at Wesley were forgettable. I did well enough in classes, but I was bored—a lot.

Aside from the occasional pool game with a friend in the Underground, my college life consisted of being bored in class, being bored in the dorms, being bored in the cafeteria, and being bored until the next day came, when I could do it all over again.

It’s very easy to fall into a robotic state, where, aside from classes and sports practice, you’re not really doing much except repeating the same mind-numbing thing.

Your annoying roommate constantly plays MTV and Maury Povich in the background as you’re late to class every day, slowly losing taste for playing Call of Duty, just waiting for the next Thirsty Thursday so that you have something other to do than hang out with your roommate who watches porn until he falls asleep. I’ve had a roommate offer to share his collection with me. I politely declined.

My junior year thankfully marked some changes.

A friend of mine managed to pull me into writing for the Whetstone, as a contributor.

That eventually led to me becoming a copy editor, which led to me becoming managing editor, which led me to this.

I also started to take a role in the International Student Association. I’ve always been interested in different cultures, and it helped me meet a ton of people from different countries.

After making friends with a small group of students who visited this past spring from Miyagi University of Education in Japan, I ended up flying to Japan over the summer, a trip I’ve wanted to take for almost ten years. Not bad.

Regardless, I’ve been at Wesley long enough to know that there is a lot to complain about.

The air conditioning in the dorms always leaves rooms too hot or too cold.

There’s never enough toilet paper in the men’s bathrooms.

The Wolverine Stop closes at random hours for really long periods of time.

People often feel the need to take the elevator up one floor.

More relevantly, despite the best efforts from the division of student life, there still isn’t all that much to do on the weekends (hell, when there is, we all ignore them anyway).

And there’s not much anyone can do about Dover being a really boring city.

Wesley just lacks the excitement of bigger colleges, and all the bitching in the world isn’t going to help.

This is where the “That’s why you should totally join a student organization!” part comes in.

Granted, being involved in an organization won’t alleviate every instance of boredom you feel while on campus. But it gives you something to focus on outside of classes.

You’ll have something to do instead of watching reality TV. You’ll pad your resume. And you might even make a new friend or two (or at least a new drinking buddy).

It’ll also give you a chance to possibly change something around campus, and have your voice as a student heard.

Most importantly, if you join an organization that you have an active interest in, then you might actually have fun.

If nothing else, it’s better than trying to pretend you don’t notice your roommate watching porn all the time.