By Kelly Morgan (Staff Writer)

This year, Wesley College is strictly enforcing the tailgating policy.

In previous years, tailgaters have gotten away with just about anything. Huge crowds left trash everywhere and created loud disturbances.

“There was way too much underage drinking last year and they left the parking lot a mess,” said Beth Angelucci, secretary of the Student Government Association.

Angelucci said that students used to throw beer cans and bottles around, accidentally hit people with footballs, were noisy and sometimes started fights.

SGA President Amberlyn Oldham agrees with the new administration’s new policy.

“The rules are so important for the safety of the students,” she said.

Angelucci also agrees with the tailgating policy.

“You need restrictions or else people will just get out of control,” she said. “People are getting upset because they are being supervised now. Wesley College has stepped up in their security and they aren’t afraid to fine people now.”

Even though SGA does not play a role in enforcing this procedure, they inform students about the policy, Oldham said.

“During the [SGA] Congress meeting, we showed the organizations [the] policy and allowed them to speak freely about them,” Angelucci said.

Some organizations agreed to follow the rules, but opposed them.

“Their negative comments were that alumni come to tailgate, to hang out and see people that haven’t graduated yet,” she said.

The organizations argued that the alumni might not have as much fun now.

Homecoming attracts the biggest attendance at the tailgating field.

“I think that homecoming this year is going to have a noticeable drop in attendance,” sophomore CJ Oechsle said.

“I think that the new policies are a terrible way to try and negate something that is just going to happen anyway,” he said. “The administration has no right to kick us off a field that our tuition is paying for.”


Tailgating Policy & Procedure

-Tailgating begins at 10 p.m. Vehicles will be permitted to be in the area promptly at 10 a.m.

-There is a fee of $20 per vehicle to use the tailgating area. This charge covers the cost for Safety Officers and Dover Police Officers.

-Vehicles in the tailgate area do not have “in and out” privileges.

-Each vehicle is to receive a garbage bag.

-Please do not interact with other NCAA games in progress.

-Tailgaters are not permitted on the softball field (in the dugouts), allowed on the CCHS field or on Synagogue property.

-The College� reserves the right to ask someone to leave the area if they become disruptive.

-The tailgate area will close 15 minutes prior to kick-off. The area opens again after the conclusion of the game until 6:30 p.m.

-The area will close at 6:30 p.m. following each home game.

-Wesley College has hired Dover Police Officers to help manage the tailgate area and ensure a safe environment for all participants. Participants in the tailgate area are subject to city codes for behavior.