A streetview of Chinatown displays many types of Chinese architecture.

A streetview of Chinatown displays many types of Chinese architecture.

By Merete Aanes (Staff Writer)

Students who attended a Chinatown trip got a look at what Chinese culture is like.

On Oct. 10, the International Students Association (ISA) sponsored a trip to Philadelphia’s Chinatown.

“The trip was a good educational experience for students who don’t know much about Chinese culture,” said senior Ashana Singh, president of ISA.

The first stop on the trip was the Shanghai Bazaar where Chinese items such as traditional clothing, books, movies, and decorative pieces were displayed.

Bowie Lekoa, a transfer student from Botswana found the trip both fun and interesting.

After an hour of walking through Chinatown, the students went to eat Cantonese Dim Sum at a restaurant, Joy Tsin Lau.

“The food is different,” said Darren Craig, an exchange student from Northern Ireland. “I had to learn to use chopsticks.”

Dim Sum dishes included dumplings, chicken feet, jellyfish, pork, fried shrimp, soup and egg tarts.

Sherrese Watson, a freshman, found the food interesting.

“I enjoyed it,” she said.

Two students who attended the trip were from China.

“The Dim Sum was Hong Kong Style,” said Hui Zeng, a student from China.

Tea also was served with the food, including Chrysanthemum tea.

“It rocks,” said Yong Duan, a student from China. “It is 90 percent authentic food, but I want more options.”

The Reading Terminal Market, an indoor market with fresh produce and baked goods was the next stop.

“The trip was good,” Craig said. “I had never been to the Chinatown in Philly before.”

Before leaving, the students stopped for a cup of Chinese bubble tea. This tea got its name from the “pearl balls” that are added to it, which are made of tapioca.

Most of the students had not tried bubble tea before, and got their teas flavored with taro, strawberry, peach and coconut.