By Anna Ornelas (Staff Writer)

Students were told to take photos in Budd Hall to see wheher they could capture an image of a ghost.

Students were told to take photos in Budd Hall to see wheher they could capture an image of a ghost.

“When I was 16 I had an experience,” said John Zaffis, the “Godfather of Ghost Hunting,” to dozens of Wesley College students.

“One night I saw my [dead] grandpa at the foot of my bed. So I started researching [ghosts]. I realized there is this whole world out there people don’t understand.”

On Nov. 4, Zaffis performed at Wesley College’s Wells Theater.

He spoke to students concerning misconceptions about ghosts, spirit communication and haunted objects. He also gave a history lesson about popular ghost stories, including

Emily Rose and The Haunting in Connecticut.

Zaffis was a part of the original investigation of Connecticut, and was part of the re-enactment on the Discovery Channel.

After showing many clips of himself features on T.V. shows such as 20/20, Zaffis led a ghost tour around the campus, beginning with Budd Hall and moving on to the college chapel.

Zaffis set up a device that would capture radio waves, and occasionally detect the voices of ghosts. Students were told to listen carefully for responses to their questions through the white noise generated by the device.

In Budd Hall, Zaffis helped students communicate with Fred, the ghost of a student who supposedly died in the building.

In the chapel, a group of students were allowed to communicate with a ghost without the guidance of Zaffis.

“Christian! He said [his name is] Christian!” said one of the students in the group.

“We may have ghosts because the school is old,” said freshman Kamarrah Motley.

Though this activity pulled many students into the experience, other students began to talk amongst themselves or use their phones. Other students began to leave.

Those that stayed for the entire activity enjoyed it.

“I loved it,” said senior Christina White. “I do believe in it. I had paranormal activity in one of my old houses.”