Amberlyn Oldham

By Ashley Peard

Through leadership roles around campus, senior Amberlyn Oldham has began to prepare herself for life after Wesley College.

With a major in legal studies, Oldham will be graduating in May – “on time.”

Throughout her high school career, Oldham was not as involved at school.

“I didn’t do anything in high school,” she said. “I was track manager my sophomore year and basketball manager my senior year, and that was it.”

When she came to Wesley, she decided to make a change. After becoming a legal studies major, Oldham began to get involved around campus.

At first she became a member of “Howl at the Moon” and the Step Team, and then became a resident assistant. She also became secretary of the Student Government Association, and eventually was elected president.

“Being an RA and SGA president has put me in situations where you have to look at everybody’s perspective,” Oldham said. “You have to look through the other person’s eyes, which has helped me grow up a lot.”

Oldham’s positions require her to work with the school’s administration, which she feels helped her grow professionally.

One of the toughest things she said she had to learn at Wesley was how to compromise.

“There are always going to be people who are not going to agree with you, or like what you say, so you have to compromise,” Oldham said. “I guess one of the toughest things is trying to compromise and trying to find the middle ground so that everyone is happy.”

Oldham is extremely pleased with the education she has gotten over the past four years. She found her experience at Wesley to be a positive one.

“Wesley is so willing to work with you in any situation,” she said. “The hospitality at Wesley is just amazing which helps you out a lot and helps you get along for people.”

Her upcoming graduation has spurred several emotions.

“I am excited and nervous at the same time,” Oldham said. “I am about to go into the real world, and work with and meet different people. Wesley really has prepared me that. I am excited too, after four years of college and so many years of school I am really excited to be done.”

She said she may go into the Air Force after she graduates.

Over her time at Wesley, Oldham has become an important member of the Wesley community, and a positive influence to others.

“[She is] a ball of energy and a shining star on campus,” said Beth Fisher, director of student activities.