By Ashley Peard (Whetstone staff writer)

Chardiney Wood is presented with her prize after winning the title of Miss Wesley. The Whetstone/ Cochise Lucas

Yong Duan and Chardiney Wood became the new Mr. and Miss Wesley Feb. 19.

Judged in five categories, students competed in the pageant to show their Wesley spirit, answer questions, and flaunt eveningwear.

Watched by classmates and friends, and judged by Amy Kellen, Ann Rogge, Christine McDermott and Dr. Jack Barnhardt, the show was introduced by Jazmind McCoy and Natalie DiSabatino.

Freshman Elisa Fermin wore a satin beaded gown and answered the question, “What was your favorite childhood memory?” in the first round.

“Learning to read a book by myself,” Fermin said. “’The Little Bat That Could.”

Tiffany Justice, a competitor in several previous pageants wore a long blue evening gown and was asked, “What would you do with a million dollars?”

Justice said that she would give most of it to charity, and then some to her family.

Senior Christina White wore a short multi-colored dress, and was asked what three words describe her and why.

“Spontaneous, because I love doing things out of the blue,” White said. “Blonde, because I have blonde moments. And loving, because I love my friends and family and would do anything for them.”

During the talent portion of the show, Yung Duan performed a song in Chinese, about two lovers who break up repeatedley.

Freshman Caitlyn Overington performed a skit from the movie, “Miss Congeniality.”

Chardiney Wood performed a spin-off of “The Wizard of Oz,” in which she was trying to get to the pageant.

Brandon Wright, who represented the football team in the show, displayed his dance skills, and Marvin Bond lip-synched and danced to a medley of songs.

To show their Wesley spirit, competitors also sported Wesley gear and performed cheers or rhymes of why they love the college.

Troy Cannatelli jumped around the stage and around the audience wearing clothing to support his fraternity, Alpha Phi Delta.

He was asked what he would change about Wesley.

“I would put fitness facilities in every dorm,” he said. “So that people can work out even on snow days.”