By Kelly Morgan
Whetstone Staff

Wally the Wolverine The Whetsone / Shane Miller

Wally the Wolverine The Whetsone / Shane Miller

The rumors are true – the Student Government Association (SGA) is buying a new mascot costume.

Vice president of SGA, Tanner Polce, cleared up accusations of SGA deciding to replace Wesley’s mascot, the wolverine.

“We are changing the name,” he said. “We’re holding a contest and opening it up to students to name [the new mascot].”

There was confusion on who owned Wally, the current mascot suit.

“SGA does not own [Wally],” said Amberlyn Oldham, president of SGA, during the March 22 congress meeting.

“After talking to Eric Nelson [vice president of finances], we found out Wally was purchased with student activities money,” she said.

Wally was purchased about seven years ago by a combination of the Alumni House and Student Life, who co-own the Wally suit.

SGA is buying a new wolverine mascot suit because there were complaints that Wally is never seen on campus, and Oldham thinks students will benefit from the newly suited wolverine.

“It’s another work study and work ship position,” she said. “It will be at all sporting events.”

At the most recent Open House, on March 20, Wally made an appearance. The man in the suit was Polce, who thinks a new mascot suit is a good decision.

“A new mascot will be efficient,” he said. “The new one won’t weigh as much. [At Open House,] I felt like my head was being pulled down the whole time.”

Polce mentioned that Wally has an “out-of-date” and “worn” look to him.

“Parents had a reaction to jump back,” he said. “The suit smells atrocious.”

The new mascot suit will cost $4,000.

Treasurer of SGA Ann Wright said the SGA will pay for it.

“The money comes out of the Annual Expenditures,” she said. “The $4,000 would cover all maintenance for the mascot, too.”

Jeremiah Santiago, senior and president of Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), thinks spending $4,000 on a new mascot is a great investment.

“You get another mascot, something updated, and you get to keep the old Wally for people who enjoy classics,” he said.
“It’s like getting the best of both worlds.”

Rebecca Marion, SGA Representative of De La Warr Historical Society, did research about costs of other college mascots.

“If congress members [of other organizations] had done their homework, they would have found that some universities and colleges spend upward of around $32,000 on their mascots,” she said. “This shows that Wesley is not spending that much money.”