From left to right: Tara Spillane, Allison Rubacky and Kori Kendall

By Amanda Yarnall (Whetstone Staff Writer)

Some students who attended the Spring Break trip to Paris returned with less than they departed with.

Senior Kori Isken was pick-pocketed while taking the metro for a ride after a day of shopping.

A young boy was trying to enter the metro and was pushed to the ground, Isken said.

By the time that the boy got up, Isken’s money, debit card and license were missing from her backpack.

“I am lucky that more wasn’t taken,” she said.

A second student, Allison Rubacky, was also pick-pocketed on the trip.

“The pick-pocketing experience taught my travelers a life lesson,” said Linda De Roche, who accompanied the students on the trip.

Despite the incidents, De Roche said the trip was fantastic.

Students got a chance to walk in the steps of the Lost Generation in Paris and along the streets where the bulls run into the arena in Pamplona each year.

“We sampled the local cuisines, eating crepes at Montremarte and tapas in Barcelona, and everyone had an opportunity to try her French or Spanish,” De Roche said.

Most other students’ breaks did not involve robbery or a trip to Paris.

Freshman Dominic Rizzolo also did some traveling.

He and the Wesley baseball team went to Myrtle Beach, S.C.

“The team went .500, which means that we won half our games,” he said. “I had a blast.”

Sara Elbanay, of Garfield, N.J., spent her break at home.

“I hung out with my best friends and spent a lot of time with my family,” she said.

Junior Aaron Benson also spent time with family.

“I spent the break staying at my cousin’s house,” he said.

Benson traveled to Indiana University in Pennsylvania to celebrate his cousin’s twenty-first birthday.

“Other than that, I just went for a couple runs and worked out a couple times.”

Senior Megan Nelson stayed on campus during spring break.

“I did not have my spring break yet,” she said.

Nelson is student teaching in Middletown during her last semester.