By Brian Orthman (Whetstone Staff Writer)

Williams Hall Weekend Warriors - Photograph courtesy of Student Life

Williams Weekend Warriors won The Battle of the Campus, which ended Greek Week on April 9.

Five teams were formed to compete in six events.

The games started with a tire drill, where three members of each team tried to make as many passes into the center of the tire in one minute as they can.

“I’m having the greatest time in my life,” said Bryan Zarou, an official at the games.

During Orange Pass, participants passed an orange down the line of 12 teammates under their chins, without using their hands.

The Diamonds in Lime Green came in first.

The William’s Weekend Warriors won the balloon toss.

“[Our main strategy] was to focus on teamwork,” said Azure Johnson, a member of the winning team.

The Red Get it Done! team won the tug-of-war and a game called Rock, Tree, Bridge.

Teams Greek Elite and Red Get it Done! played each other in the finals, after a tournament style competition.

“I saw great competitorship,” Zarou said.

The Lime Green Diamonds won the final game, the Human Pyramid.

Battle of Campus - Photograph courtesy of Student Life