By Kim Manahan, Chloe Dawson, and Melissa Boyd (Whetstone Staff Writers)

Shane Miller / Whetstone

By the time the football game started, the bleachers were packed and lines formed at the ticket booths reaching the street at Wesley College’s annual Family Day, Sept. 18.

“I liked that my parents were here,” said freshman Phandra Thompson

This year’s theme for Family Day was, “Under the Sea.”

Free activities were set up in the end zone.

The family fun zone had Photo Pirate-themed pictures, a mechanical surfboard and snow cones. The Residence Hall Association hosted a free sand art table.

Ozechoski encouraged graduate assistant Trevor Havelock to ride the surfboard, which was provided by Endeavour Entertainment.

Sophomore and RHA member Megan Varga stood at the sand art table.

“It’s for any age,” she said. “Mostly for the kids, but we’ve had a variety of ages.”

Participants were able to choose from different shapes to fill with sand, including a dolphin or cell phone.

In the background, the Lake Forest High School marching band could be heard playing Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing.”

Event-staff security stood at the entrances to the Scott D. Miller stadium, checking student identification and bags.

Senior Ashleigh Maser was turned away at first.

“I left my ID card on my dresser in my room,” she said.

Maser was excited to attend the football game with her mother, Jill, Wesley’s nurse.

“I love football, and watching the game with my mom because she usually doesn’t go to sports,” Maser said.

Sarah Smith, director of student activities, wanted everyone to have a fun time.

“It’s about [everyone] enjoying themselves,” Smith said.

Across the street the para-professional tailgate was held.

Aramark set up a tent serving a variety of food, including chicken and corn on the cob.

The tailgate was invitation-only and for the families of the Student Life para-professional staff.

“We want family weekend to have parents understand what students are really experiencing,” Ozechoski said. “A lot of parents stop coming to Wesley events after freshmen year, and most parents don’t understand all that their child is going through.”

Ozechoski said the tailgate was to thank the Student Life leaders for what they do for the college.

At the end of the tailgate, sophomore Mike Hickey spent time with his family and their dog Scout.

“We’re going to have a hot dog and watch the game!” said his mother Michelle Hickey, as their daughter Michelle played with Scout.

The family was also excited to see the mind reader.

“We did that last year,” Michelle said. “It was fun.”

Miya Jackson’s mother, Kimberly, had a good day with her daughter.

“We saw the football game, and I get to see your living environment,” she said.

Before the football game against Delaware Valley started, a moment of silence was held for Julia DeFelice.

The crowd remained standing as Bianca Bailey sang the national anthem.

After the game, Dulaney dining hall opened its doors for dinner and for the Think Fast Game Show.

“I noticed that the dining hall was cleaner and the food was better,” said freshman Kareema Sesay.

The hot wings were a popular choice.

“My mom liked the food,” Thompson said.

The day ended with illusionist Craig Karges.

“He is the number one entertainer in the college market,” Ozechoski said.

The Step team performed before him, and introduced its new members.