By Collette ONeal (Whetstone staff writer)

Photo by Songphon Kannasut

Kristen Pickering and Pogi Sumangi

Alcohol is the No. 1 date rape drug.

This was one main point of “Sex Signals,” the interactive workshop about sex and rape, the second lecture in the FYE series.

What is and is not rape was one of the scenarios performed by actors Kristen Pickering and Pogi Sumangi.

To illustrate this, they did a scene where a rapist was allowed to give his side of the story on a TV show.

The character said that he went up to his victim’s dorm to study with her, bringing up beer and pizza.

The two became intoxicated and began having sex. The woman said stop several times, but the man continued.

A discussion followed about what made the situation rape, or sex without consent.

“Our goal is to create a community that students want to live in and to have happy and healthy relationships,” Sumangi said.
Students were entertained by the acts.

“I thought it was funny,” said freshman Lauren Murtha. “Especially with all of the different improvs that they did.”

Students were advised to get involved if they witness a situation that looks “creepy” or uncomfortable.

“Sex Signals” is performed all over the country at 500 schools a year. It also is performed for the military as many times.

“Even if you don’t need this information for yourself, save it for a friend,” Pickering said.