By: Kasey Lynn (Whetstone Staff Writer)

The Malmberg weight room. The Whetstone/ Songphon Kannasut

The Student Government Association approved $55,000 to update the Malmberg gym.

They plan to purchase three new treadmills and three bikes as well as refurbish the free-weight room.

New equipment includes five free weight benches, two two-tier dumbbell racks, a seated curl and a dual adjustment pulley.

“We are currently in talks with several dealers in the fitness business,” said Bryan Zarou, vice president of the SGA. “We are looking for the best deal.”

One dealer, Life Fitness, said the company could do it for $50,659.99.

This includes the $3,349 installation and $5,291 freight fees.

Security, mats and pads were not included in this price.

Wesley received a package discount of more than $17,800 from the company.

Zarou hopes that the changes will begin taking place next semester.