By Jessica Barranco (Whetstone Staff Writer)

At Wesley, it’s inevitable you hear something derogatory said about the school.

I have personally seen the eye roll, heard the disgust in a person’s voice, and heard many people say they are transferring.

I understand that some people don’t like it at Wesley.

But I do. I chose to come to Wesley.

I had plenty of other choices, most of them much cheaper than Wesley and also much closer to home.

I could have gone to a Division I school to play soccer on a full ride but I did not want that.

I wanted a place like Wesley.

I am not immune to negative feelings about Wesley. The thought of eating in the cafeteria almost makes me cry; and I scream at my computer because the Internet won’t work.

Still, I would not change my choice.

Wesley gave me the opportunity to travel far away from home but not feel as though I did not fit in.

When my parents departed from the Cannon Circle last year in August, they felt safe, as though they were leaving their youngest daughter in a place where she could succeed.

So far, I have succeeded.

I really love it at Wesley.

I know the school has flaws, but I think that no matter where you are you will find something wrong.

Wesley isn’t Yale or Harvard but that does not make it a terrible school.

Wesley provides opportunities for students that they may not have been able to find elsewhere.