By Chloe Dawson (Whetstone staff writer)

The Whetstone/ Kim Manahan

Staying on campus over holiday break isn’t free, unless you’re a student athlete.

Students who stayed over Thanksgiving break paid $125 for the privilege, but those who stay over December break will have this increased by almost $200.

“The money goes towards the expenses to operate the building,” said director of residence life, Kevin Hansbury. “Everything from paying a resident assistant on duty, to heat, hot water and maintenance during the break.”

Students who stay must have a legitimate reason.

Some who stay are from out of the country, or have jobs or internships.

Athletes who remain have their bills paid through the athletic department, but everyone else receives it on their statement.

Housing over break isn’t guaranteed. An application needs to be filled out.

“The dining hall is closed over Christmas break,” Hansbury said.