By Melissa Boyd (Whetstone staff writer)

During the day, Danielle Johnson empties trash cans in Roe Hall.

Some nights she becomes Brown Sugar and performs with her band Flow City.

With two friends, she produces music using only a mixer and no instruments.

Her friends call themselves Shorty Rock and Nino Nosay.

“We try to incorporate music that everybody can relate to,” Johnson said.

Flow City began four years ago with different members. Nosay was not included in the initial band.

The group performed in Washington D.C., New York City, and in Virginia.

They plan to play in clubs in Manhattan and Philadelphia.

“It’s weird,” Johnson said, “because we’re all underage.”

They also have played at Wesley College.

Their families are friends and live on the same street.

“Our families are really musical,” Johnson said. “So it just made sense that we would be, too.”

Johnson has attended a few classes while working at Wesley, but she wants to focus more on the band.

“Kid Cudi inspires me the most,” Shorty Rock said. “People say I sound a lot like him, which makes me happy and upset. Polo and Timberland are inspirations producer-wise.”

Nosay said his family is part of his inspiration.

“I love Jimmy Hendrix and Madonna,” Johnson said. “Madonna knows she’s not the greatest singer, but she just love a good performance.”

They do more than sing in a band. Each member has a personal career goal.

Rock wants to be a music producer, Nosy a professional songwriter, and Johnson wants to be an actor.

Flow City has one mix CD available for downloading online at Their next CD will be coming out in December.

Their song “Slip ‘N’ Slide,” has already had over 1,000 hits.

“Their music is amazing and truly inspirational,” said freshman Sherea Kelley. “They’re so unique and different.”

The band members are excited for the future.

“Everybody watch right now because we’re the hottest in Delaware,” Johnson said. “We’re going all the way.”