By Jessica Barranco (Whetstone staff writer)

Songphon Kassanut/The Whetstone

The Student Government Association recently recognized two new organizations.

The Italian Club and Campus Ecology had become inactive, but petitioned to be recognized.

After a short period, they will have full status as an organization and be allowed to vote at the Congress meetings, as well as request a budget.

Another group, the United Way, is still in the process of organizing.

Although the group is not official, members have spoken at previous Congress meetings to promote themselves.

To become a recognized organization under the SGA, the group must have a written constitution and at least five members.

They then make a motion to the Congress to become recognized, and sit through a 13-week “lame duck” period.

The lame duck period was added to the SGA’s constitution last year.

Junior Anne Wright, the SGA treasurer, believes that the lame duck period proves an organization’s dedication.

“The reason this came about was that in past years we had organizations start, they get going, they request money, and then the main person leaves school, fails out, doesn’t do anymore and now we have all these random organizations that have no representative,” she said.

Last spring, the Residence Hall Association was the first group to become recognized under the new rules.