By Cochise Lucas and Kim Manahan (Whetstone staff writers)

Cochise Lucas

Brandon Wright (25) looks on as Leonard Stevenson catches a pass

Wesley lost its shot at that NCAA Division III championship title when University of Wisconsin- Whitewater trounced them in the Dec. 11 semi-finals game, 27-7.

Matt Barile gave Wesley its only points when he scored a touchdown with a minute left in the first quarter.

“It’s crazy that they came this far and lost,” said student fan Jonathan Hall.

When Wesley wins, they blow away the other team, he said. “But any time the game has actually been close, we never seem to pull it out.”

Safety starter Aaron Benson saw the game start to slip when Wesley turned the ball over, allowing UWW to lead 17-7.

“It was nothing we couldn’t over come,” Benson said. “But then when we continued to make those mistakes, I knew it was too much to overcomes, especially against a good team like that.”

Some students felt that the other team was well coached.

“They played well together,” said Nick Barr. “They had packages that Wesley couldn’t handle, and didn’t turn the ball over.”

They also felt bad that the team didn’t make the championship.

“I feel bad for the players that we keep only making it to the game before the big one,” Barr said. “It almost seems all for nothing.”