By Ashley Simpson (Whetstone Staff Writer)

Photograph of the Den eatery at WesleyKim Manahan / The Whetstone

The Den

The Den is now offering more than just fried foods.

The Bradford Deli and Tortilla’s have been added to the menu.

“Not many students used the Bradford Deli in the past but now students seem to be more health conscious,” said manager Carolyn Brown.

The Bradford Deli offers freshly made sandwiches, and Tortilla’s has Mexican style food.

“We try to accommodate what the students like,” Brown said. “We wanted to see what would bring students in.”

Chicken wings have been the most popular item.

“I have a strong feeling business will improve based on student requests,” said Mark Oldenburg. “Especially because there are healthier selections on the menu, more students are going there when the cafeteria is closed,” he said.

The Den is trying to match the prices of other food servers in the area that students frequent.

The staff is trying to understand what students will and will not eat before further expansion of the menu, Brown said.

We want The Den to “evolve and make it customer friendly for everyone,” she said.