It’s become a weekly event.

On Wednesday nights the Loockerman Exchange welcomes Wesley Students 18 years of age and older to enjoy a night out with fellow classmates for reduced or free admission.

“Since my freshman year I don t think I have missed a Wednesday night yet,” said junior Amber Broughton. “Not to mention it’s close enough to campus so I can walk since I don’t have a car.”

Students talk about Loockerman frequently.

“Going to Loockerman is a good experience,” said Broughton. “It relieves you from all the class work and allows you to go out and have a good time with your friends.”

“Every time I go out to Loockerman I have a fun time,” said junior Erica Bryson. “My only problem is the music selection that the DJ plays. It’s the same songs over and over.”

Spinning on the one and two’s is the sounds from senior Brian Piazza better known as DJ ZA.

When I get a feel for my crowd, I play a little of everything, Piazza said.

“I mix a lot of different music,” Piazza said. “I’m so diverse.”

Recent gossip about Loockerman closing for renovation has been cleared up.

“Loockerman isn’t being shut down no time soon,” said former Wesley student and manager Chris Koon. “Things are just taking longer than expected.”