By Kasey Lynn (Whetstone Staff Writer)

Several May term classes plan to travel this year.

One of these trips will be to Harlaxton College in Grantham, England.

Dr. James Wilson and Dr. Jeff Gibson will be traveling with students and teaching the course, The Literature of Music in Elizabethan England (HU 250/EN415), which is about music and literature in Elizabethan England.

“Students will be able to experience many things in England,” Wilson said. “Living at the manor, at least one excursion to London, a trip to Westminster Abbey, and either a musical performance or Shakespearean play.”

There are more ideas being tossed around. The stay in England will last one week.

“Students will learn how music influenced literature and how the two art forms jointly represent the culture of that time period,” Wilson said.

The best thing about studying abroad is getting to experience a different culture, he said. “And getting out of Dover as well.”

Dr. Lucille Gambardella will be taking students to southern Italy for her class, International Field Study: Living the Good Life: Qualitative Study of the Mediterranean Diet and Lifestyle (NR 436-536).

While students live in Avellino, they will be spending time at a research center and going on related field trips.

The rest of the time students will be able to enjoy excursions led by a tour guide and explore on their own.