By Lamesha Green (Whetstone Staff Writer)

May the best sex win.

On Feb 11, Wesley College presented its first upscale version of a trivia question-filled game show this year, presented in Wells Theater and sponsored by Howl at the Moon.

Teams of boys and girls competing students excited the crowd.

“It was funny to watch,” said junior Raven Nowell. “It surprised me the way they set it up in Wells Theater.”

Students cheered on their team.

“I was cheering for the girl’s team to win at first, but they let me down on a few of their missed answers,” Nowell said. “Even though I sat in the audience watching and didn’t participate, I still had a good laugh. It sure did beat being in my dorm room on a Friday night.”

To keep track of points earned, snacks were used.

“The way they calculated points was interesting,” said Nowell. “When I saw they were using candy and food, this made me want to participate.”

An overall cash prize of $200 was split between winners.

“In the first round, the girls lost to the boys,” Nowell said. “This gave each member on the boys team a chance to pocket $10.”

Students who showed up received a good laugh.

“I think the overall outcome of the show was good,” said junior Ebony Frazier. “Even though a lot of people didn’t come, it was better than some of the other events we had so far this year that I attended.”