By Lamesha Green (Whetstone Staff Writer)

The Whetstone/ Cochise Lucas

The Parker Library’s printers are up and running after a week of being on the fritz.

Parker Library director Roger Getz replaced the seven-year old bill and coin machine, which had caused printing problems.

“An error message kept coming up on the screen when students would attempt to print,” Getz said. “But after several attempts to fix the old bill and coin machine, we felt it was best to fix that part of the station.”

It took three days to fix the printers.

“One reason why this problem took so long to handle was that the software to the old bill and coin machine differed from its company,” said Getz. “This made it even harder to get a hold of someone who could fix the problem.”

Getz decided to go with one company, SEM, and their software for library printers.

“So far we have the bugs worked out,” Getz said. “Everything is in order and should be in smooth operation.”

Students were upset with how long it took to fix the printers.

“I just feel that a lot of people got thrown off sequence,” said freshman Vincenzo Gavrity. “Students were relying on the library printers to turn in class assignments and were let down.”

The printers have been working since Thursday, Getz said. “And over the weekend, we haven’t run into any major problems yet.”