By Collette O’Neal (Whetstone staff writer)

There is a new area for student activities on campus.

Wesley’s new dance studio opened on March 14 and is located next to Wentworth Gym.

The area was originally used by the Children’s Theatre at the Campus School as a storage space, but was emptied by the school in mid-January.

Student Life decided to convert the room into an additional multipurpose room. However, they prefer the space to be used as a fitness area

“We wanted to free up CC 206 to other organizations and events,” said Sarah Smith, Director of Student Activities.

“When the opportunity came to expand without adding on a building we jumped on it.”

Approximately $4,000 was spent on new flooring, paint, and mirrors and took only 10 days to complete.

Maintenance created the space and was a major help to us, said Smith.

“We couldn’t have done it without them.”

Organizations can reserve the dance studio by filling out a form at

Currently, the dance studio is being used by the yoga and zumba classes, but the dance and step teams practice there also.

“I appreciate that the school gave us our own space,” says Carol Leister, the Yoga Instructor, “and I really like having mirrors because the students can see what they are doing. In CC206, we didn’t have that tool.”

Students agree that the new dance studio is better.

“I love the dance studio!” says Ebony Frazier, a junior. “It’s much better because we have the mirrors so you can see what you’re doing, and it also has a very relaxing environment.”

Students can reach the area by going through the double doors to the right of Wentworth Gym.