By Kelly Morgan (Whetstone staff writer)

Wesley’s Student Government Association [SGA] is pro- posing bringing an Instaflix kiosk to campus.

Bryan Zarou, vice president of SGA, proposed the idea during a congress meeting on Monday, March 14.

“It would be available 24-hours a day in the Under- ground and cost $1 per movie per day,” he said.

Kelly Morgan


Zarou said that the product costs $1,500 per month.

“If we make $1,000 a month, [from selling 1,000 movies], SGA would have to pay $500 out of our budget,” he said. “We’re locked in for five years if we sign the contract.”

Zarou and the executive board said that SGA would have to pay for the summer and vaca- tion months that students are not at Wesley.

“We can set up a separate budget for Instaflix,” said Ann Wright, SGA treasurer.

Zarou is awaiting positive feedback in emails from students that would use Instaflix if it came to Wesley.

“I want to send out a survey [to Wesley students] to see if we could sell 800 movies a month,” he said.

To purchase a movie, students would need a credit card or debt card.