By: Kelly Morgan (Whetstone  staff writer)

Whetstone/Amanda Kinkade Dungeon Dragons

Dungeon Dragons defeated Liverpool 5 to 3 for the Intramural Indoor Soccer Championship game on Wednesday February 23.

The Dungeon Dragons were the lowest seed in the playoffs. The second seed team, Afro Boys, was defeated in overtime by Dungeon Dragons during Monday’s playoff match-up.

Team Black Out, the past champions of Intramural Indoor Soccer, were the top ranked team this season. Dungeon Dragons defeated them 4-2 in the semi-final round.

Abdul Hameed, senior and captain of Dungeon Dragons, is proud of his team for coming out on top.

“We won because of our teamwork and hustling,” he said. “It feels so good to be champions.”

Shane Miller, senior, described it as the miracle at Wesley West.

This team has played together for three years,” he said. “We did it! We shocked the world!”