By: Chloe Dawson (Whetstone Staff Writer)

Whetstone/Cochise Lucas
Carmen Walsh

Carmen Walsh is a native of Rehoboth Beach. She graduated from Cape Henlopen High School, but considers St. Marks her true high school. She attended it from freshman year to the middle of her senior year.

Walsh transferred to Wesley from University of Delaware. She found that at a big school, she was just a number and her professors didn’t really care if she came to school or not.

“Transferring into Wesley made me realize what I want,” she said. “I’d rather be known to my professors than just a number.”

Walsh transferred to Wesley her junior year and now majors in Psychology with a concentration in Kinesiology.

At Wesley, Walsh got involved with many different organizations. She was originally a part of Delta Phi Sigma and helped found Delta Phi Epsilon along with 31 other sisters. In her sorority, she became the vice president of academic affairs.

At the end of her sophomore year, Walsh became a resident assistant in Malmberg and Gooding. During her junior year, she became the treasurer of IGC.

Walsh played softball for three years and held a captain position.

“I got involved in everything I could,” Walsh said.

During her three years at Wesley College, softball has become a big part of her college career and her personal life. She uses softball as a tension-reliever and it helped her interact with people. While playing, Walsh got an idea of what it was like being a coach and a player.

“It helped me realize I’d like to be a coach for the rest of my life,” Walsh said.

Walsh’s senior year has been a challenge, with many papers, softball’s games being away much of the time, Residential Life and family issues.

“In two weeks, I have to grow up. These are the best years of your life,” Walsh said.