By: Kelly Morgan (Whetstone Staff Writer)

Whetstone/Kelly Morgan
Merete Aanes

Merete Aanes, 22, will be able to show everyone she earned a bachelor’s degree in Political Science in fewer than three years during Wesley College’s graduation commencement ceremony May 7.

Aanes came to Wesley in January 2009.

“I transferred from the University of Bergen in Norway and was able to transfer some of my credits,” she said. “I took 18 credits every semester so I didn’t have to graduate in December 2011.”

Aanes plans to attend graduate school.

“I plan on going to grad school either in Norway or here [the United States] in Montana or Washington,” Aanes said.

She wants to focus on international development.

“I want to work in public administration with an international setting,” she said.

At the University of Bergen, Aanes attended a much bigger school than Wesley.

“There were around 20,000 students,” she said. “It was more like a lecture school.”

Aanes likes the small class sizes she has experienced here.

“[Political science] is a small program, so a lot of the same people are in the same classes,” Aanes said. “I like that you get a more personal relationship with the professors.”