Caress Roach

Whetstone/Cochise Lucas
Caress Roach

By Shannon Perry (Whetstone Staff Writer)

Dover native Caress Roach has great things planned for students at Wesley this semester as Wesley’s new Alcohol Education Coordinator.

“I will be advising a couple of groups this year and also starting a new peer education program,” Roach said. “I don’t tell people not to drink, but to drink responsibly.”

Roach’s position is new at Wesley. She plans to raise awareness about the effects and dangers of alcohol. She also plans to start a peer education group called Student Advocates for Educating Wesley (S.A.F.E Wesley), which will be a peer-based education group where students can gain knowledge of responsible alcohol use from other peers.

Roach is also responsible for directing the mandatory alcohol education course to those students who violate the alcohol policy for the first time. She plans to stay in touch with those students even after the course.

“We can continue a regular relationship where I’m able to positively influence their decisions when it comes to alcohol and anything else I can provide,” she said.

If a student feels like they need to talk to someone about alcohol or feel like they have a problem, Roach is the person they can go to.

Students can locate Roach in the Wellness Center for any information about her future educating groups.

“I can talk to the student about it first to really determine what the problem is and then we can move forward from there,” Roach said.

Her presence on campus has already made a positive impact on students around campus.

“Programs she will coordinate will give students opportunities to have fun in ways that do not involve alcohol consumption,” said junior Arielle Suggs. “I do think that it is very important that Wesley consistently makes the effort to educate students on how to drink responsibly.”

Tanyetta Sanders, a junior, agrees with Suggs.

“I feel like she will be helpful to those who definitely need help,” Sanders said. “But it is also a matter of people actually coming to her for help.”