By Kiara Green (Whetstone Staff Writer)

Gooding and Williams Halls are officially same sex dorms.

Gooding Hall is an all female residence hall, while Williams Hall is an all male residence hall.

In previous years, both halls were co-ed, which created a different environment on the north side of campus. This year’s change has sprouted opinions in those who reside in these halls, and also those that don’t.

Resident Assistant of Gooding Hall Kadijha Michel, a junior at Wesley, likes the new change, even though it comes with added responsibilites.

“Being an RA from last year the experience is different,” Michel said. “The building has more of a community feeling within the dorms, but it has its challenging aspects with regulating the males from other buildings.”

Michel said she still enjoys being an RA, even in a same sex dorm.

“We are a beautiful building, and I love my job.”

Suzzette Armstrong, a freshman, lives in Gooding Hall.

“It’s nice meeting other females of different nationalities,” Armstrong said.

Males in Williams Hall don’t seem to mind the change either.

Michael Streeter, a junior and resident assistant in Williams Hall, likes the change.

“I thinks its unique, I feel like I am the big brother of the floor,” Streeter said. “It feels good to be a resource for the young men.”

Streeter also says that being an RA for all males keeps him active.

“By that I mean they want me to go lift weights, and play basketball,” he said. “I think this a good idea of having an all boy dorm, with having an all girls dorm across the street.”

Not all residents like the change.

Jeancarlo Torero, a freshman and Williams’ resident, doesn’t embrace the change.

“It would be a lot better if the dorms were coed because everyone would be able to make friends,” Torero said. “That’s one benefit of college- it’s a huge social network.”