By Shannon Perry (Whetstone staff writer)

Campus Community School will be moving sometime next year.

“We will be moving to the Dover Air Force Base into a school that will be vacant in July,” says Stacey Clark, Principal of Campus Community.

The decision to move the campus was advised by Proforma, a higher education consultant firm.

After receiving advice that the space that Campus Community School occupies should be taken back, the college decided to utilize that space for other things.

“Wesley is redesigning their campus and will be using the building for other things,” Clark said.

Wesley plans to use the space for classrooms.

“The College will study the available space and make a decision on how best use the space,” said President William Johnston. “I anticipate that the majority of the space will be used as classrooms.”

The move has education majors worried about their future teaching opportunities.

“Having the elementary students right on campus helps the education majors at Wesley because all of our classes have observation work included in them,” said junior education major Megan Stoffa.

Freshman education majors are also concerned about how closing the K-8 school will affect them in the future.

“I think this move may cause conflict for education majors who live on campus without a vehicle, because they will have farther to go and Campus Community School is such a close walk for us,” said Hollye Payton, a freshman education major.

Other students worry about how they can conduct their mandatory observations for courses.

“Having campus community school being moved is just one less place that is close by that we can go observe at,” said education major KylieMay Allen. “Our professors might have to find another school.”

Education professors are beginning to look for other schools nearby that students can observe at.

“I will be going around to other schools this summer and asking if our students can observe there,” said education professor Jamie Whitman-Smithe.

Whitman-Smithe also said the move will affect education majors.

“This move will affect education majors without a doubt,” she said. “Having the school on campus was a huge convenience factor for my students in the Diverse School. It was also such an impressive factor for Wesley during open house.”

President Johnston said students should not worry.

“The relationship with the Campus Community School will remain strong and the faculty in the education department will continue to have our students majoring in education work closely with the school,” he said “I have every faith that the move will have little effect on education majors.”