Rudy Currence

By Januel Timothy (Whetstone Staff Writer)

R&B singer Rudy Currence managed to stir a sparse crowd of fewer than 30 Wesley students who came to Wells Theater Oct. 27, singing several popular songs as well as two of his own compositions.

Currence appeared an hour later than the 8 p.m. concert scheduled start because, he said, he thought the concert began an hour later.

While the crowd waited, members of the Student Activities Board gave away T-shirts.

Because of the few people, Wells Theater became an intimate café, and Currence pleased many by singing a variety of songs, including “Umbrella,” to which everyone sang along.

As the night continued, Currence sang, “The Electric Slide,” which sparked a dance contest.

Currence is currently signed with “Disturbing tha Peace” record label, was founded by popular rapper Ludacris.

Currence performed two of his original songs, “Weave Ponytail” and “Zion.” The first song was a crowd favorite, a comical romance about a guy who is attracted to a woman and her hair style.

Currence is set to release a mixtape, “Digital Analog,” on Nov. 22.  His single, “The O.T.H.E.R,” is available for free download on

“It was pretty good,” said freshman Esmeralda Elsakhawy. “Just wish that there was more people to get him pumped up as an audience. He is truly talented.”

Another student said she wanted him to return.

“I thought it was good,” said freshman Angelicia Garison. “I liked his singing. He’s very awesome.” “I liked his song “Zion,” it was very different and unique. I hope he comes back and perform for us again.”

Currence himself said he had a good time despite the size of the crowd.

“It was good,” he said. “We made due. I always enjoy being on stage.”

Currence said the central message of his music is optimistic.

“Positivity,” he said. “I try to be inventive but I definitely want positive music out there.”