By Tristin Burris (Whetstone staff writter)

Q: What is your title at Wesley College?

Jody Sweeney: I am the Chief Information Officer of the Information Technology (IT) Department.

Q: What does this job entail?

JS: I am responsible for providing computer resources to all faculty and students. My department pinpoints computer viruses and hackers, and it is also our duty to send out Wesley alerts dealing with weather warnings, and even security incidents on and around the campus. We are also responsible for all the computer labs and internet labs, not just on this campus, but the athletics buildings and New Castle campus as well.

Q: How long have you been in charge of this department?

JS: Ten months. I started here in December.

Q: Where did you go to school? What was your major?

JS: I went to two colleges. My first two years I was at Del Tech where I majored in Information Technology, which back then was called Data Processing. Then, I switched to Wilmington College and got my Bachelors in business management.

Q: What led you to this field?

JS: I have an older sister who started down this path first. I was able to work with her, which introduced me to computers really early.

Q: What other jobs have led you to this one?

JS: I started as a computer operator, which was pretty basic. I just followed instructions. Then I switched to Production Control, then to Computer Technician, then Data Center Manager, then Information Technology Manager, and now finally this job.

Q: As a child, what did you aspire to be?

JS: It was always computers. I always knew this was the position I wanted.

Q: Where were you born and raised?

JS: I was born in Lewes, Del., where I lived for one year, and then I moved and have spent the rest of my life here, in Kent County.

Q: What is your favorite movie?

JS: Spaceballs.

Q: What is your favorite sports team?

JS: Pittsburgh Steelers.

Q: What are your hobbies?

JS: This job keeps me pretty busy, I am usually at this job 10-12 hours a day, but when I am not here, I am focusing on my other job as Levy Court Commissioner. That pretty much accounts for all of my spare time. I also used to be the head soccer coach at Polytech High School, but I left to be in the Levy Court. I will never stop being a coach though. Soccer will always be part of my life. I have two sons who are both soccer coaches now, so I help them with coaching tips and advice.

Q: What are your Levy Court responsibilities?

JS: Levy Court is responsible for land use, so we oversee anything that people do, like building, and adding on to homes. We also oversee trash and sewage departments.

Q:  How long have you been serving as Levy Court Commissioner?

JS: This is my first term. I have served for three years. This is an elected position and a term is four years, so I will be up for re-election next year. It’s fun. It keeps me busy.