By Lamesha Green (Whetstone Staff Writer)

They shopped till they dropped.

About 85 students went shopping during Howl at the Moons’s first sponsored trip to the King of Prussia Mall Nov 18.

“I believe the outcome turned out great,” said sophomore Isnara St. Phard. “We had a lot of students sign up to attend this event, which was what we wanted. Hopefully we can host different trips to other malls similar.”

Students in the International program experience something new.

“It was cool to go somewhere I never been and didn’t have the chance to go before,” said senior Jorrge Castio. “I also figured going would be a nice chance to get off of campus for once.”

Castio said the mall was out of his price range.

“The stores were just too expensive for me,” he said. “Not to mention the mall was just huge causing me to get lost and a bit too much. I kind of like the Dover Mall better.”

Some students got a thrill out the ride to King of Prussia.

“The journey was a nice and long bus ride,” said junior Paul Flanagan. “But at least the bus driver made it fun by putting movies on for us to watch.”

Flanagan said he would love to go again.

The mall provided students with more than 400 stores to shop at.

“There was such a large variety of stores to choose from,” said sophomore Shakeiya Marshall. “It was a great experience. As soon as you walked in you seen plenty of things to buy well at least I did.”

Sophomore Tiara Holder said the best part of the King of Prussia Mall was shopping at her favorite store.

“My favorite store was Forever 21,” said Holder. “The clothing selection was amazing everywhere I turned I seen something on a clothing rack I wanted to own in my closet.”

Other students liked the food selection.

“The mall was extravagant,” said sophomore Michael Taylor.”My favorite part had to be the food court. It was such a big option of choices to choose from, which made it a little hard for me to make a decision.”