By: Emily Pruna (Whetstone Staff Writer)

Wesley College sophomore Marshae Wynn makes her way down the aisle of seats in the theater, saying, “Excuse me,” to the people she passes, trying not to drop her armful of snacks.

She sits comfortably as she waits for the latest blockbuster hit to appear on the theater’s large screen. Yet Wynn is not in a movie theater; she is in the Wells Theater lecture hall on campus at Wesley College.

Thanks to Wesley’s “Movies on Campus” program, Wesley students like Wynn can see the latest movies for free before they come out on DVD.

“It’s much easier seeing a movie on campus,” Wynn said. “I don’t have a car at school, so getting to the theater is hard enough. Then you have to pay, between the prices of 3D and snacks you’ve racked up about twenty-five dollars before you sit down.”

“Movies on Campus” is run by the Student Activities Board (SAB). Each semester the SAB board is given a list of films that will be available the following semester, and the board takes a vote on what films to pick. Many times the films offered to them are not even in theaters yet, and the board must make a decision based on a vague synopsis of the film.

SAB president Charminta Brown said that many times they will choose the sequel to a successful movie. For example the Board voted to show The Hangover Part Two last semester before it was in theaters.

“We think it’s very important for students to relax,” Brown said. “School can be very stressful.”

“Movies on Campus” makes it easier for students to both afford to see the latest movies, and afford to date.

“We call it the Wesley Date,” sophomore Tiffany McDowell said. “When neither the guy or the girl can afford dinner and a movie, we do dinner at the cafe and a movie on campus. It’s more interesting than just sitting in the dorm room, and you get to get all dressed up and have all the guys friends wish they had asked you instead.”