By: Morgan McCann (Whetstone staff writer)

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Freshman Caitlynn Linderman wants to leave Wesley – the sooner the better.

“I want to transfer because I want to be closer to home,” she said. “I also feel like I pay too much money when some of the teachers can’t even teach me anything, things around the dorm fall apart and I don’t feel safe walking around Dover or on campus, especially because of the shooting and anyone being able to get on campus.”

Although Linderman’s list may be longer than most, many freshmen will be transferring from Wesley after the fall semester. Their reasons include homesickness, roommate conflicts, academic pressures or just having trouble fitting in. Others cite money problems, and disappointment with Wesley.

Freshman Jessica Mette is transferring because she can go to a community college for free.

“I’d rather not be $20,000 in debt at a school I’m not happy with,” Mette said.

She said she feels like one of the reasons so many people want to transfer is because the school is too small.

“It’s like a bigger high school,” she said.

A commuter, Ransom Crowder thinks if she actually lived on campus more people would know her and she could be more involved with the school. She wants to transfer and commute to a community college.

“I feel like it would be easier,” she said. “Wesley is a private college and expects more of you.”

Money is a common issue for outgoing students.

“I want to transfer because I don’t think I’m getting my money’s worth here,” freshman AnnMarie Impellizzeri said. “I feel like I can go to a county college at home, do a lot better and go for free.”

She also thought there would be more to do on campus.

“I get bored a lot and usually have too much free time,” she said. “A lot of people go home on the weekends, and I feel like there’s no reason to stay.”

Freshman Brandon Reynolds said he believes he isn’t being challenged here.

“I feel like the education I am reserving isn’t worth $32,000,” he said. “I feel like I’m getting the same education I got in high school, and I wanted to go to a college that challenged me. Going to a less expensive school will give me a better education and give me a foot up in the job market.”

Freshman Jessica DeChamplain is happy here and loves the programs. But she might transfer because of how far she is from home.

“My family is moving to Florida and it’s already hard being far from home,” she said. “I couldn’t handle it being any further.”