By Lamesha Green (Whetstone Staff Writer)

Brooke GannonCochise Lucas / Whetstone

Brooke Gannon

Not wanting to be to far from home, freshman Brooke Gannon, a native of Harrington, came to Wesley to major in nursing.

Unlike most nursing students, Gannon has spent most of her life around horses on her parents’ horse farm.

“Being around horses is all I really know since I have been around them all my life,” she said. “What I like the most about horses is that, similar to people, they have their own personalities. Every horse is different from one another, which is interesting in a way because you get to watch the process in how they grow.”

Gannon takes after her father, Michael, when it comes to racing their horses at an early age.

“With the horse business, I have been owning and riding horses since I was born,” he said. “By the time my daughter Brooke was two, we brought our first standard bred race horse, and ever since then I have been racing horses.”

Sixteen years later Gannon bought her first horse.

“Me and my father bought my first horse sometime in November,”she said. ”My horse, ‘Love Heals,’ is a one-year-old male colt. Not being a big fan of his name, I am currently in the process of changing it to something else.”

Gannon also said she was inspired by her dad’s love for racing horses.

“My father has been racing horses all my life, which has made me grow to love it just as much as he does,” she said. “I am around horses all the time, mostly on the weekends. It’s like having a part time job that you really enjoy.”

Gannon competes seasonally at the Dover and Harrington horse races.

“When a lot of people think about horse racing they often link it back to the Kentucky derby,” she said. “The horse racing in Delaware is nothing like that what so ever.”

Gannon says horse racing is a different kind of sport.

“Racing horses is not like any other sport people watch on TV,” she said. “You get nerves right before the race takes place and with almost anything competitive in life, you win some, you lose some.”

Putting her passion for racing horses aside, Gannon started to take an interest in nursing.

“For a while I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to be until my cousin was in a bad accident,” she said. “Just being a witness and seeing him go through such a tragic situation and how the nurses helped care for him every way they could really inspired me to think that I could do the same for someone else’s family member and become a nurse.”

Gannon feels that at a small school she matters.

“I really like the nursing program here at Wesley,” she said. “It really focuses on each individual nursing student where as compared to a larger school I would just be considered a number. At Wesley, students are far from being considered a number because students get that person attention and one on one relationship with there professors.”

She will never forget her roots.

“Since I want to pursue a career in nursing, I know I’m not going to really have the time to be able to own or even be on a farm to raise horses as much as I did growing up back at home,” Gannon said. “I would love to be a nurse and race horses since it was such a life touching experience.”

At Wesley, Gannon got involved in field hockey where she gained the friendship of her teammate, junior Amanda Hudson.

“Even though our friendship is new, it feels like we have been friends for years,” Hudson said. “Brooke has a true talent for hockey and demonstrates that passion in her school work as well.”

Hudson also said Gannon is a very trustworthy and polite young lady.

After she graduates from Wesley, Gannon wants to get her RN license and work at a local hospital in Delaware and then in Pittsburgh.