Cochise Lucas/ Whetstone
By: Ashley Richards (Whetstone Contributor)

Safety has become so problematic around Wesley College’s campus during the last two months that the Student Government Association has gotten involved.

“There were four events that I have not particularly been happy with but was directly or indirectly involved with them,” said Tanner Polce, SGA president.

The four events Polce refers to include: the shot fired on Jan. 30; a fight on Feb. 3 near campus involving Wesley students; a gunshot on Feb 4; and several gunshots heard on Feb 5.

Polce was particularly unhappy that students were not notified about the Feb. 5 incident.

After he had not gotten a text or email about the gunshots, Polce emailed Walt Beaupre, director of safety and security), Mary-Alice Ozechoski, dean of students, and President William Johnston.

Polce is not alone in his concern about safety.

Many students said they feel that are not safe either on or near Wesley campus.  And some blame security.

“Safety on campus is pretty good for the most part, but as soon as you go off-campus it’s a different story,” said junior Michael McQuarrie. “The security staff isn’t up to par – besides Walt – and if anything serious happened I don’t think they would have the equipment or personnel to handle it.”

Other students echo McQaurrie.

“I never felt as safe as I could have, especially with the awareness of the area that we are located in,” said junior Jordan Gendrachi. “It is easy to get into dorms. Anyone can make their way in with ease.  I’ve been to other schools and they take higher precautions than we do and the area that they live in is not nearly as bad as the one we live in.”

Other students encourage exterior work to be done.

“They need to put a gate around Wesley College,” said sophomore Kyle Funk.

SGA said it is partnering with Wesley Security, giving $32,000 toward security cameras.

Already begun, Wesley Security will finish putting in 22 new cameras on campus by spring break.

Dean of Students Mary-Alice Ozechoski said the college has increased the number of security officers patrolling the campus at night.