By: Melissa Boyd (Whetstone Staff Writer)

Melissa Boyd

Cochise Lucas/ The Whetstone


Have you ever been interviewed?

Your heart starts to beat a little faster, beads of sweat form at the top of your head, and you bob your leg so the movement calms you down.

Usually, I’m the interviewer. I’m the calm one with my questions patiently waiting for an answer. My questions need thoughtful answers – of experiences, of facts.

But I recently was on the other side – I was the interviewee. I was applying to become a residential assistant and will know soon whether I got the position.

You think over all the questions the interviewers might ask you. What are your strengths and weaknesses, what is your background knowledge for this job, all of those spiffy questions that cause you to worry.

Oh, and the ultimate worst question – why should we pick you?

Really, though, I’ve found that if you know the answers, your heart isn’t pumping quite as fast, your hair isn’t damp with perspiration, and you’re not quite as fidgety. The interview goes better.

A lot of people have a hard time with being interviewed. But there’s really three key steps for a great interview, aside from the resume, appearance, and all of that:

  • Be yourself
  • Study yourself so you know why you want to deserve this job
  • Understand not everyone who applies can get the job. You might not be the one who really deserves it.


Then again, if you don’t get the job, maybe the job doesn’t deserve you.