By Linnea Cavallo (Whetstone Staff Writer)

Even though Wesley College’s student government put a large amount of money into the Malmberg gym redoing and adding new machines to it, many students still would rather pay the money to go to Club Fitness rather than use the free gym at Wesley.

“The reason I go to Club Fitness is mainly because my roommate goes there too,” Nick Deterding said. “I’ve been trying to shade a few pounds andsince Club Fitness has more to offer I’d rather go there, nothing against Wesley.”

Club Fitness is about triple the size of Malmberg holding over 40 cardio machines with weight machines close to the same amount. Malmberg holds under 6 cardio machines and under 20 weight machines. Students believe it’s too small for our campus.

“There’s more space to work with and more machines for a better work-out,” Joel Jean-Simon.

Anotherreason many students would rather go to Club Fitness is the hours that they can go. Club Fitness is open 24/7. Malmberg gym students cannot be in the gym while classes are going on because it is too loud and causes disruption to the classes.

“I like that Club Fitness is 24/7 because I can go in the middle of my day between classes, or late at night when I’m done with my classes,” Danielle Tearl said.

Other things that students say Club Fitness has to offer that Malmberg doesn’t is a cardio cinema, a women’s workout facility, tanning, and a larger variety of classes. Though Wesley offers some classes, they are limited in time and variety and are not in a nice, large facility.

“There are classes from intense spin class to a yoga class,” Lisa Antonelli. “They are offered at all different times a week so it’s easy to fit them into my schedule.”

Many of the females that go to Club Fitness enjoy the facility they have attached to the women’s locker room that only females are allowed in.

“I don’t like working out in front of a lot of people so it’s nice to have a smaller area with less people who are just women to do my work-out in,” Tearl said.