Cochise Lucas/ Whetstone
By: Joncara Marshall (Whetstone Contributor)


The Wesley West Field house will be seeing some improvements this semester thanks to a $25,000 windfall.

The Wesley College football team earned $25,000 from Charleston Southern University for playing against the Division I team last semester.

Mike Drass, head football coach and athletic director, said the money is being used to buy new mirrors and racks for the building’s weight room. The room is also getting a new paint job.

“Last recruiting season, the weight room was a big recruiting tool for us,” he said

Sports teams and other student organizations and activities receive money from Wesley, said Eric Nelson, vice president of finances and director of human resources. Other expenses not covered by their budgets are made up through fundraising and advertising.

How much each organization gets is classified, said both Nelson and Drass.

Nelson said it is against school policy to release that financial information.

Both Drass and Henry Small, the athletics director for CSU, said the money was given to Wesley as a financial guarantee.

“When one school needs a home game on a one-game basis, it is customary to offer a financial guarantee to the visiting school,” Small said.

Money is also given during Division I playoffs by the home team. They can be up to $50,000 depending on the round in which the teams are playing.

Drass said that the Wesley West weight room is for all students.

“We never turned anyone away,” Drass said.

Mylo Hill, a football player, said that Wesley West is open to all students but it may interfere with the different sports training schedules. Hill said that the new equipment in the weight room will benefit all athletes.

For insurance purposes, students cannot be alone in the weight room. NCAA says that a coach must always be present.

Last year, Drass sent out the team’s schedule to different Division I and Division III schools on the east coast. Wesley needed a game to complete their schedule and CSU responded, Drass said.

The head coach said the team has been traveling up and down the east coast for the last 10 years, but has a hard time finding local colleges to play.

Wesley won 33-20 against CSU, which, according to Drass, will make other teams less likely to play Wesley.

Drass said that it was an once-in-a-lifetime experience for his team.

“Our entire coaching staff was very proud of our players that day.” Drass said.