By Lamesha Green (Whetstone Staff Writer)

Sophomore Kourtney Price-Ford and senior D’angelo Marshall took the opportunity to study abroad last semester at Harlaxton College, the British campus of the University of Evansville. The college also welcomes Wesley professors.

Price-Ford said when she got to England it wasn’t what she expected.

“Once I arrived, I was having mixed feelings about being in England,” she said. “At first I really wasn’t giving England a chance because I didn’t like the fact I was so far away from home, but it eventually got better.”

Marshall’s main concern once he arrived was to get situated in his new location and see the manor.

“My first thoughts were, finally, it’s about time I got off the plane,” he said. “Now where do I go? I didn’t understand the airport at all, so I just followed the signs figuring they had to lead me in the right direction.”

Price-Ford, a Media Arts major, had first gained interest in the international program towards the end of her freshman year.

“My adviser had told me and a friend about studying abroad during my freshman year,” she said. “At that moment, I wasn’t really interested in the opportunity until the second semester of my freshman year.”

Price-Ford also had mixed feelings about traveling alone for the first time.

“I hesitated to tell my parents right away about wanting to study abroad because I knew they would be nervous about me traveling alone,” she said. “Easily, I convinced my mom that it was a good opportunity for me to experience. My dad, on the other hand, was a bit harder to persuade.”

Marshall, a physical education k-12 major, thought studying abroad only benefited history majors.

“I heard about the international program last fall during a small slideshow presentation where flyers were passed out encouraging students to study abroad,” he said. “Once I got home I just threw the flyer on my dresser thinking there’s no reason for me to go since it was for history majors. “

Marshall said after doing research on the international program he decided to stop making excuses and go for it.

“I mainly decided to do it for the once and a life time experience,” he said. “I also got the opportunity to get 12 credits out of the way for my major including two of my electives.”

Price-Ford and Marshall agree that studying abroad has been an experience they will never forget.

“As time went on, we basically became a family,” Price-Ford said. “Since we grew to know each other, we were able to joke around, party, and have fun, which made the trips more exciting.”

Director of International Programs Kevin Cullen advises students to study abroad.