By: Cochise Lucas (Whetstone Staff Writer)

Wesley College is expanding its doors to more students every year. With the school continuously building, it is important to keep students in a safe environment. And to students acknowledgement or not, Wesley College has built up quite the substantial surveillance system. 

Cochise Lucas/ Whetstone

According to Head and director of security Walt Beaupre, the cameras on campus are all in public areas and make it very easy for officials to identify individuals committing criminal acts on campus.

As of now, there are 89 cameras that are located all throughout the campus. 31 of the cameras are outside of residence halls and administrative areas for officials to view the streets and parking lots on campus. The remainder 58 cameras are inside administrative areas and common areas of the residence halls.

The cameras record 24/7 and officials can go back and review anything up to a two-week period in the past. Wesley security is in the progress now of working with Dover Police so they have the ability to view the scenes from the 911-control center as well.

With the addition of the cameras all around campus, students can feel safer knowing that the area is under constant surveillance, and the grounds are not only protected by Wesley security but by Dover Police as well.