Sam Marston reads a copy of The WhetstoneGrace Massara

By: Bianca Bailey (Whetstone staff writer) 

The newspapers are back.

Thanks to a financial partnership among the Student Government Association (SGA), Office of Student Affairs (OSA), and The Whetstone, students will now be able to grab a copy of the New York Times or USA Today on any weekday.

At the end of last semester, school officials decided to stop funding the USA Today and New York Times newspapers to students and faculty, saying it was too expensive.

But after student surveys showed students were upset about the school taking away the free newspapers, students and faculty partnered up to figure out how to bring the newspapers back.

SGA President Bryan Zarou led the charge to bring the newspapers back on campus.

“For my first two years at Wesley, I was able to walk by the elevator, see the rack, and pick up a paper,” he said. “It was the way I stayed informed with the events of the world, especially because I am too busy to sit by a computer and read it.”

Zarou asked The Whetstone adviser, Victor Greto, if the newspaper would be interested in helping get the papers back on campus.

“Anything that helps get students and faculty reading the newspaper – whether it’s the New York Times, USA Today or The Whetstone – is important to the college paper,” said Greto, who agreed. “It helps get many of us back into the daily habit of reading the paper.”

Zarou also asked Student Life, which is contributing.

Zarou said the printed newspapers are an important source students should have readily available to them on campus.

“This has the potential to be the only key to world news most students get, he said. “And because it is easily accessible, it is more beneficial.”

Freshman Morgan Williams likes the newspapers.

“I really like the fact that we have both the New York Times and USA Today,” she said. “It gives us a choice.”

She said she has always read the newspapers.

“I wasn’t here when they stopped issuing them on campus, but I am glad they are back for me to utilize,” she said.