Bryan Zarou SGA President

Bryan Zarou SGA President


Special guest writer: Bryan Zarou


It is with great pleasure that I welcome back all students for another great year at Wesley.

I have been given the opportunity to talk directly to you, the students, through the school newspaper, The Whetstone. Although I view this year as a transitional year for SGA, I am optimistic it will be a great one.

Many students are unaware of the functions of the Student Government Association. It is my duty in this article to make the SGA position clear.

The SGA is made up of all undergraduate students. A portion of the Student Activity Fee you pay each year is allocated to the main SGA fund. Your elected SGA officials allocate those proportions to each student organization. Money that is not used by organizations goes back into the general account. Only with the SGA Congress’ approval can the SGA Executive board spend money on capital campaign projects. For example, with SGA approval, we were able to renovate the new Malmberg Gym, add Wi-Fi to all of our residence halls, add almost 40 new security cameras on campus, and donate to our streetscape, which gave all of us students the great “Wesley Plaza.”

It is also the duty of the SGA to defend the rights of our students, and give students a collective voice and approve or oppose and defend issues that go on around campus.

As I said at the Leadership banquet last year, “Together, with one voice, we can achieve so much.” It is my duty as your SGA President to be your liaison to top administrators at the College. I meet monthly with President Johnston to update him on what the “student feeling” is on campus, giving him a direct outlook on our students.

I encourage all students, if you have concerns or want to be updated on all that goes on at Wesley, to attend Congress, every Monday at moon in CC 206.

It is a STUDENT-ONLY forum, with no members of the faculty or administrators inside the closed-door sessions. This gives you, the students, a place where you can speak freely.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at