By: Linnea Cavallo (Whetstone Staff Writer)

Torn up streets. Worrying about getting hit by a car on your way to class. Two benches and a trash can.

This is what Wesley campus used to offer their students. Until this fall, that is.

This past spring, Wesley received a $2.5 million grant to construct a north and south side plaza.

The construction started on May 7 and finished Aug. 24.

“They’re still fixing some minor issues, but it’s about 99.5 percent finished,” said Sarah Smith, director of student activities.

The Student Government Association and Alumni Association also raised money for the project. The largest amount of money came from a Delaware infrastructure fund grant.

No tuition funds were used to complete this project.

The plazas were designed by the Becker Morgan Group in Dover with Whiting-Turner as the general contractor.

Most students are delighted with the plaza.

“It was a difference I was not expecting,” junior Gregory Bergin said.

“I think it’s a great change,” senior Mia Brocco said. “The campus looks awesome.”

“I think it’s a huge improvement,” sophomore Rylee Gould said. “It looks more like an actual campus and not just buildings thrown around. Definitely a huge step and maybe they can add to it.”

Administrators said they hoped the new look will help with retention rates and bring in more and better freshmen.

“So much of selling something is the outside look, and the new plazas have done nothing but help the school improve its facade,” Smith said.

With multiple shootings just steps off campus last school year, many people believe having a closed street is safer.

“I think having the streets blocked off like they are, and a lot more lighting all around campus will discourage outsiders from coming on campus,” Bergin said.