By: Kourtney Lake (Whetstone Contributor)

Wesley College’s Information Tech is giving college security officials a run for their money.

The department recently took charge of putting in password protection on Parker Library computers.

Many students have noticed Dover residents who are not enrolled using campus facilities. Some have seen locals in College Center, the cafeteria, and even in dorms.

Wesley Sophomore Nicole Aurelien said she has seen locals using the library.

“It makes me nervous and irate,” she said. “I want to be comfortable at a place I pay to be in.”

Wesley College Information Officer Jody Sweeney said he has heard from staff members and students that they feel uncomfortable and unsafe when Dover locals enter the library.

This semester, Sweeney implemented a computer log in for library computers. He said the password allows only students to access the computers.

The passwords aren’t the only elements of the campus computer systems to change.

The new PC systems are part of a “prevention plan,” so students are unable to get into the business side of the college. Because Wesley doesn’t have a computer curriculum, students aren’t familiar with the system, but many students would be able to figure out how to hack into Wesley’s private business information.

Library computer CPUs have been replaced by small boxes, making them virtual computers, not stand-alone computers. They are “not a real PC,” he said.

By 2014, Sweeney said that all desktops at the college will be virtual.

Updating software and rebooting systems will be made simple since changes will only have to be made on a single computer.