By: Chantz McKeller (Whetstone Contributor)

Frank Cassarino

Frank Cassarino

A Wesley College Honors student was kicked out of school last month after he was accused of possessing and using marijuana and heroin.

Walter Beaupre, head of safety at security, said the student was arrested and charged with “possession of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.”

Beaupre confirmed that one of the controlled substances was heroin.

Although Beaupre did not identify the student, he was discovered to have been freshman Frank Cassarino.

Cassarino was an honors student who lived in Roe Hall, west side, second floor.

“He was a friendly and respectful young man and everyone that knew him believed he was a nice level-headed person,” said freshman honor student Trevor Bentley, who was Cassarino’s roommate.

Bentley also was one of the students who saw syringes in the bathrooms left by Cassarino.

“I never saw the drugs but it was obvious that he was on something by the way he acted,” Bentley said. “I saw needle marks on his arm from him shooting up drugs.”

Bentley said he saw Cassarino come back to the room under the influence of something else besides marijuana late at night. Cassarino often took long walks and did not come back to the room until the morning after.

“I remember one day he came back to the room under the influence and his eyes rolled back into his head,” Bentley said.

When Caleb DeBoie, the resident director for Roe Hall, found out about Cassarino’s arrest, he said he was shocked.

“It is unfortunate to lose a student, so it’s unfortunate to lose him no matter what happened,” DeBoie said.

DeBoie said he was most surprised that a student that was in to something as serious as heroin.

“He didn’t seem like that kind of person to me because he was in the honors program,” he said.

According to students who were there, two Dover police officers walked into Roe Hall with Wesley security, and walked out with Cassarino in handcuffs and a brown bag filled with something.

DeBoie saw the officers enter the building.

“They had the black ski masks, guns on their hips and a container that they had that I’m pretty sure was evidence,” he said.