By: Orlando Rodriguez (Whetstone contributor)


Aramark, the company that caters Wesley’s cafeteria, changed its head chef.

Students are hoping that this change is for the better.

“I support the move to go on and change chef,” said Rob Brown, a sophomore football player. “With this change, I am expecting the café to have a lot more options to choose from and for the food to be more tasteful.”

Some students who have been at Wesley for some time said the change of the head chef is all hype because, they said, the food will not get better anytime soon. Quality of the food has been a problem for some time and has not been taken care of.

“It has gotten worse in the cafe,” said Linnea Ringgold, a junior psychology major. “This year there are a lot less options to choose from. The Asian food station is not an everyday choice like it used to be. This year definitely has fewer options in the café than last year.”

Some students were more unsatisfied with the dessert section and its poor selection of sweets.

“Since my freshman year, they have shut down the smoothie station and that was my favorite dessert,” Ringgold said. “They should try to switch up what they serve us once in a while. There are a lot more desserts out there that can be served to us on a daily basis. Not just the same cookies, cakes and ice cream every day.”

Some students said the food is somewhat fresher this year.

“I can honestly say that they have upgraded on the fries and pizza this year,” Brown said. “They have done a decent job on the food this year. There are some things I wished they could make a little better but at the same time I am not going to complain because I am still going to eat the food anyway.”

Students seem to be pleased with breakfast. Some say it is the only good meal the cafeteria offers.

“Breakfast has always been the most consistent meal at Wesley” Ringgold said. “If I am able to wake up in the morning, I look forward to eating breakfast in the café.”

“As for myself, I am not a big morning person,” Brown said. “But since I have to get up early in the morning for class, a good meal in the morning really can help me get through my day.”