By:  Benjamin E. Lykens (Whetstone staff writer)

Wesley cheerleadersDanielle Reid

Wesley cheerleaders

Despite throwing two interceptions, Wesley quarterback Justin Sottilare was able to also throw two touchdown passes to lead the Wolverines over the Virginia Lynchburg Dragons, 24-7.

“It was a rough game,” Sottilare said. “Somehow we pulled it out win and that’s all that matters.”

Sophomore linebacker and defensive captain Sosthene Kapepula said the Wolverines won because they were able to play their game. Kapepula led the team with 10 tackles.

“I give the defensive line all the credit,” Kapepula said. “They allow me to come free and make the tackles.”

Dragons freshman quarterback Avery Neloms had completed his passes only 11 percent of the time, but said that the Wolverines halftime adjustment kept him from being more effective on the ground.

“They kept me from passing but I was still able to scramble a little bit,” Neloms said. “They gave it their all and we gave it ours but unfortunately the came out victorious.”

Although they won, the Wolverines might be concerned about their defense, giving up 169 yards on the ground.

The Dragons’ Brandon Johnson ran for 102 of those yards, averaging 5.4 yards per carry.

Johnson may have fared well against the Wolverines but said his team needs to be able to put four good quarters together.

“I got to give it up to my line,” Johnson said. “Without them I wouldn’t be able to find the positive yards.”